Absorbent filter bags – Filtering+

The best filter bag solution for removing oil and soiling.

A standard filter bag with an inner bag inside; that inner bag is filled with polypropylene melt blown “spaghetti” like material. Homogeneous and constant flow of liquid from the inside to the outside is maintained by a centrally mounted perforated core. The core also stabilises the construction of the filter bag.

Bag construction materials are silicone free

Filter specification

Outer sack of needle-punched polypropylene, calendered on one side
Spunbond polypropylene inner bag
Absorption material: polypropylene melt blown “spaghetti” like material
Size 2 – 800 g Size 1 – 400 g
Polypropylene core
Polypropylene self-sealing flange

5; 10; 25; 50; 100; 200 µm

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