Bag filters with extended service life POXLPEXL

The use of long-life filter bags significantly reduces operating costs driven by replacement of filter cartridges.

Extended service life filter bags are made of small diameter polyester or polypropylene fibres and the thickness of the filter material is increased. The resulting porous structure of the material ensures long service life, higher efficiency of filter bags while maintaining low initial pressure ∆P.

In order to reduce the migration of fibres into the filtrate to the lowest possible level, the outer surface of the material is subject to thermal treatment.

  • Fully welded design of the filter bag provides 100% tightness of the bag while maintaining high efficiency.
  • Silicone free filter material.
  • Filter bags with self-sealing flange

Filter specification

Polyester PEXL, polypropylene POXL

1; 5; 10; 25; 50; 100; µm

Polypropylene, polyester self-sealing flange

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