MAXPOXL; MAXPO filter bags

High contamination capacity. Ideal for continuous flow applications.

4 times longer bag life than conventional PO filter bags and 3 times longer than POXL long-life bags

– The fully welded construction of the filter bag ensures a 100% leak proof bag.

– Polypropylene inner core for a 4 times greater capacity for contamination compared to standard PO filter bags

– Filter bag materials heat-treated on one side to prevent the release of free fibers into the filtrate.- Silicone free construction material.

– The materials are approved for food contact according to EC No. 10/2011 and FDA, Article 21.

– Filter bags equipped with polypropylene self-sealing collars to eliminate filter bypass, collar handles for easy bag installation and removal.

Filter Specifications

Bag material
POXL Long Life Nonwoven Polypropylene, PO Standard non-woven polypropylene

Core material

1; 5; 10; 25; 50; 100; µm

Self-sealing polypropylene flange